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The New Standard of Crop Intelligence

Taranis’ AcreForward™ platform provides ag retailers with a better understanding of what’s happening in every acre and new ways to unlock revenue opportunities.


We scan your fields throughout the season and gather data at submillimeter resolution.


Our system delivers actionable crop insights based on powerful AI and agronomy expertise.


Visualize and prioritize the needs in your fields and engage growers for the right course of action.

Taranis AcreForward™ Intelligence provides insights and trends, stand counts, weed pressure, disease detection, insect pressure, and field health, along with NDVI and precipitation levels. With this data easily accessible and correlated, advisors can accelerate their decision-making, having a better understanding of how inputs, hybrids, and other variables come together for the best possible outcome for growers.

Taranis makes sustainability and soil health insights readily available to ag retailers and growers through an innovative and practical carbon monitoring and estimation service. New insights, including trends in stocks of soil organic matter, will help advisors provide growers with easier access to subsidies and support the adoption of sustainable farming practices.

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AcreForward is pushing the boundaries beyond any technology and service available to ag retailers today. This is beyond scouting. It is about understanding what the acre is telling you and fostering collaboration with your growers so that they can be successful. 

Mike DiPaola
Chief Commercial Officer

Taranis’ AcreForward™ platform provides ag retailers with better understanding of what’s happening in every acre, and new ways to unlock revenue opportunities.

AcreForward is available for US ag retailers as part of Taranis’ 2023 crop intelligence offering.

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AcreForward™ FAQ

Headquartered in Westfield, IN, Taranis is a global company focused on helping ag advisors demonstrate value for their growers. We do this by providing actionable insights through leaf-level data capture and artificial intelligence (AI). Simply put, when you fly for Taranis, you are capturing critical information about crops, and growers and their advisors can act more quickly than ever before–ultimately feeding the world and creating more prosperity in local communities. For more information about Taranis, visit

Taranis Academy offers a comprehensive summer pilot program (including training and equipment for use) in conjunction with your local drone service provider (DSP).

  • Earn competitive pay
  • Work close to home and support your community
  • Receive comprehensive training* 
  • Gain hands-on experience with world-class precision ag solutions
  • Utilize best-in-class drone technology
  • Get exposure to industrial-level UAV operations
  • Contribute to the world’s largest collection of leaf-level images
  • Support sustainable agriculture through crop intelligence at scale
  • 18 years of age
  • Valid driver’s license
  • FAA Small UAS Rule Part 107 certification 
  • Reliable and insured motor vehicle
  • Ability to lift, carry or move objects in excess of 50 lbs
  • Strong work ethic


Once you submit your application form online, you will receive a link to a qualification survey to further qualify you for the program.

We have a three-step training process:

Step 1: Complete a virtual online self-paced training program with testing. The online portion is approximately 6 hours total training time and must be completed between January 1 - February 28, 2023. 

Step 2: Taranis will align you with your drone service provider (DSP). Your DSP will conduct the onboarding process.

Step 3: Attend an in-person 5-day training program (approximately 6 hours/day). In-person training will be completed between March - May 2023.

Taranis pilots are provided with M300s and M30s for use during the crop scouting season as well as a pilot kit including:

  • Laptop
  • Safety lights and gear
  • Taranis placards for your vehicle
  • Enough drone batteries to power a days’ work

Taranis will provide you with training, so that you can fly missions for Taranis. You will be aligned with a DSP (drone service provider), who will coordinate with you to determine if you work as an independent contractor or an employee.

Taranis pilots are compensated by the number of acres flown. So, the more you fly, the more you earn. The average pilots cover 750 - 1,000 acres per day. Your DSP can share additional information about your compensation package.

To get started, simply complete the form on this page. If you have questions, you may also reach out to

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