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AI-powered crop intelligence at scale.

Taranis’ groundbreaking AcreForward™ Intelligence platform enables a clear understanding of the productive use of inputs across millions of acres.

With our robust datasets, the value chain can now be mobilized to provide sound, data-backed agronomic advice—ensuring the best use of inputs possible. A better connected value chain can proactively plan and forecast to the everchanging conditions in the market, thereby creating supply chain efficiencies and improvements.

Full-service across millions of acres.

Taranis delivers a full, end-to-end field scouting service that you can easily make part of your offering and provide customers the best experience under your brand. We fly the fields, collect the data, analyze it, and deliver you valuable insights at the soil, plant, field, and grower level.

Engagement and opportunity on every acre, all year-round.

With year-round coverage and datasets that help explain the results on every acre, you can now engage customers proactively at critical decision points and understand how to unlock the best performance of hybrids and inputs.

See how retailers and growers are working together.

“There’s a difference between proactive and reactive scouting. Taranis is very proactive. We are getting out there before there is a problem. We can control our weeds better, earlier and address nutrient deficiencies quicker, before they become a major yield issue.

Ethan Noll

Ag Partners Digital Ag Team Lead

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