The dollars
are in the details

It can be tough to gain a competitive advantage in today’s market.

Taranis crop intelligence and scouting solutions allow you to get more out of every seed you plant. Precision insights allow you to see which incremental adjustments you can make to get the most out of your acres.


Healthier crops and higher yield potential.

Earlier, more accurate, and more precise interventions made possible by unmatched insights mean better plant health and more out of every acre. Protect your yields through harvest by knowing what’s happening with every acre—all the time.


More efficient use of resources.

More targeted insights mean more targeted prescriptions. Buy what you use and use what you buy—more efficient, more sustainable interventions for weed, pest, and disease pressures and nutrient deficiencies for the highest yields you can get.


Unbiased, actionable insights.

No more guesswork about the inputs you really need. Work with your trusted advisor to get clear, undisputed insights so you can act with confidence.


Better year-round planning.

The story of your fields is always at your fingertips. Now, you have the information you need for analysis and predictive planning.

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