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Levi Lehmkuhl
Ag Partners

Truly see
the whole field

Have a better conversation at the farm gate.

Automate intelligence

Access unmatched, leaf-level insights from anywhere and establish a holistic view of every grower’s acres. Track and visualize your most important areas of opportunity and focus on growers and fields that require the most attention. Eliminate guesswork and create quality action plans that your growers trust.
Will Rice
Carolina Eastern

See Every Acre

not just the corner of the field where
you park your pickup truck.

Cultivate Connections

Get to know your growers on a deeper level through collaborative opportunities and platforms. Spend more time making a difference for your growers and less time collecting data. Build better relationships with your growers by tracking each decision year-over-year to create an effective, long-term, field management plan.

Blake Hoke
Central Valley Ag

and Trust

With Taranis the facts are right at your fingertips.

set the standard.

Service more customers without compromising quality through automated crop intelligence. Prove your value and ensure lasting relationships and client retention by optimizing resources. Stand out from the pack by validating results and delivering targeted plans for maximum impact.
How it works


Determine your flight cadence for the season and provide your field boundaries and planting dates.


We scan your fields acre-by-acre throughout the season and gather data at submillimeter resolution.


Visualize and prioritize your in-season needs and plan for next season with your advisor.

Brian Essinger
Nutrien Ohio
I wish I had this tool
20, 30 years ago
Because I know I coud have taken care of my customers even better.

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