The story of your fields, at your fingertips.

Join forces.

Work with an advisor that invests in you and get to know your farm like never before.

Evaluate results, prioritize fields and revise plans throughout the season with timely crop intelligence.

Take the guesswork out of planning, with season-on-season projections based on data, and backed by advisor expertise.

“One particular grower of mine used FieldSense to verify weed pressure aross the farm and they saved a significant amount on their herbicide program. They made changes to their approach and they are still clean to this day. A definite impact to their bottom line.

Robert Representative

Ceres Strategic Account Manager

Preserve your legacy.

Develop long-term strategies that will help keep your operation profitable for generations to come.

Pass on valuable insights and a deeper understanding of your land’s unique parameters.

Spend time on what matters most: land stewardship, farm profitability, good planning and time with your loved ones.

How FieldSense Works


Determine your flight cadence for the season and provide your field boundaries and planting dates.


We scan your fields acre-by-acre throughout the season and gather data at submillimeter resolution.


Visualize and prioritize your in-season needs and plan for next season with your advisor.

Ready to make FieldSense of your operation?

Ceres FieldSense powered by Taranis can turn leaf-level data into actionable insights. Read your fields from the palm of your hand. Make decisions with more certainty and speed than ever before. And have a more informed discussion with your growers to preserve their hard-earned, farm legacy. Fill out the form below to start making FieldSense of your operation.