Explore Taranis and see how you can easily capture the full-season story of every acre. Join us for a concise overview, focusing on the power of leaf-level insights, so you can take the guesswork out of planning and make decisions with more speed and certainty than ever before.


Work with an advisor who invests in you and get to know your farm like never before.

Evaluate results, prioritize fields and revise plans throughout the season with timely crop intelligence.

Take the guesswork out of planning, with season-on-season projections based on data, and backed by advisor expertise.

Preserve your legacy.

Develop long-term strategies that will help keep your operation profitable for generations to come.

Pass on valuable insights and a deeper understanding of your land’s unique parameters.

Spend time on what matters most: land stewardship, farm profitability, good planning and time with your loved ones.



Taranis Director of Customer Success

Know2Grow:  Every acre tells a story.

Join Taranis for a 30-minute webinar as we dive into using leaf-level insights and last seasons data to prepare yourself for planting this coming season.
February 27, 2024     9:00 AM EST
March 5, 2024     9:00 AM EST
March 12, 2024     9:00 AM EST
March 19, 2024     9:00 AM EST
March 26, 2024     9:00 AM EST